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Yunwoo Choi’s works are influenced by his interest in invisible and intangible matter.  Books by the philosopher Ken Wilber, along with Taoist and Buddhist texts, have been the inspiration for Choi’s work. Choi’s aim is to express his unseeable and untouchable deep internal interests and spirit. Choi writes in his statement, “I am living with many emotions and feelings. Some of them are instinctual, some of them are profound. In mundane life, some of my feelings seem to have no reasonable cause, and there are no divisions between spiritual and secular ideas. slight and deep feelings. Just because of my endless dualistic conceptualizing, my mind which was originally seamless oneness is divided into numerous fragments.”





ArtHamptons Art Fair, Bridgehampton, NY



"Micro-cosm", Gallery Korea in Korean Cultural Service, New York, NY

"Status Status Status", Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY

"Kerosene Garden", Able Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY



"Collective Consumption", DUMBO Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY

"Plus One", Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY

"That's Just It", SVA Gallery, New York, NY

"The Accretion of Events", Volume Black Gallery, New York, NY

"Masters of Merriments", Volume Black Gallery, New York, NY

"Pop Up Beginnings", MilavecGreen Gallery, New York, NY

"Thanks, But It's Actually On Purpose", SVA Gallery, New York, NY



"Voyage Without Boundaries", Sea Art Festival in Busan Biennal, Busan, Korea



"Finding Lost Values", Cheonju International Art Beinnal, Cheonju Arts Center, Cheonju, Korea

"Exhibition of the 19th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize," Hangaram Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

"Rolling Paper", Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

"Suspicous Tightrope Dancing", Sampyo Space, Incheon, Korea



Ansan Danwon Museum, Ansan, Korea



"Night", Group Exhibition, Hongik University Gallery, Seoul, Korea




Dimension Study in Blue #19, 2015, paper, plexiglass, resin, LED light, 48 x 36 x 11 inches

Dimension Study in Blue #19, 2015, paper, plexiglass, resin, LED light, 24 x 17 x 6 inches