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Winter Exhibition 

June 29 thru September 9, 2020


Donghwa Ode Gallery’s Winter Exhibition features work by Ilhwa Kim, Kwon Yong Rae, Kyung Youl Yoon and Hoo Chang Lee. Each artist utilizes a unique approach in their art making practice to create visually stunning work that transcends the bounds of their mediums. By pushing the materials to their conceptual limits, the artist’s signature mediums of stainless steel (Kwon Yong Rae), aluminum (Kyung Youl Yoon), cast glass (Hoo Chang Lee) and hand-dyed hanji paper (Ilhwa Kim) are transformed into new iterations with intricate results. This curated collection of work displays the seminal progress of each prolific artist in the midst of their practice, each on their own unique journey towards creative brilliance.

Ilhwa Kim, Seed Universe 111, 2019, Hand dyed hanji paper, 46.8 x 36.6 x 5.9 inches