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Winter Exhibition  

December 1, 2017 thru March 3, 2018


Donghwa Ode Gallery’s Winter Exhibition features work by Anthony Wigglesworth and Kyung Youl Yoon. Both pushing the bounds of abstract painting, each artist relishes in his unique expression of concept through form and technique.


Dublin-based artist Anthony Wigglesworth seeks to capture the ethereal through an exploration of texture, movement and effects of spatial illusion. Although his works are inspired by flora, fauna and designs that make up his everyday environment, they aim to present a celebration of abstraction in its pure form rather than a representation of the natural world. Interested in exploring the properties of paint as an artistic device, his practice involves a process of creation and destruction through layering and manipulating the paint with brushes, palette knives and squeegees.


Kyung Youl Yoon’s paintings translate his native style, already lyrical and forceful, into something novel, unanticipated, and powerfully riveting. Kyung’s approach to material extends what are in essence painterly forms into low relief through the use of molded and manipulated aluminum scraps. As these shapes are composed on the canvas, the arrangements create a disorderly yet harmonious composition. is paintings brim with both metaphorical resonance and tactile allure.


Kyung Youl Yoon, Cubic Inception, 2018, aluminum and mixed media on canvas, 48 X60 inches



Anthony Wigglesworth, Standing In The Shallows, 2018, oil on canvas, 47.25 x 47.25 inches