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Innate Gesture

July 20 thru September 20, 2017


Donghwa Ode Gallery is pleased to present the delicate and poetic designs of Kye- Yeon Son.


Kye-Yeon Son (b. 1957) crafts pieces of jewelry that express the preciousness and temporality of memories, making them tangible. The most basic visual element, the line, becomes transformative as it captures the essence of movement through direction, space, volume and texture while abstracting forms.  She uses enamel for color to symbolize the elements of nature. Using techniques of micro welding, soldering, enameling and electroforming on steel wire, Son creates works that celebrate the emptiness and the cycles of death, rebirth and growth.

Kye-Yeon Son, Meaning and Muse 2010-11, 2010,

Silver, Jade, Coral, Lapis, Lazuli, Garnet, Gold colored S.S cable



Kye-Yeon Son, Innate Gesture 2015-6, 2015, Steel enamel, 6 x 10 x 1.7 cm