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James Cullinane’s works on panel incorporate a variety of traditional and nontraditional materials in the artist’san explorations of pattern through process and of the interplay between pictorial and physical space. Cullinane goes beyond the two-dimensional picture plane in works such as Sudan, Hurricane Sunshine and The End of Owls, building up the surface with a complex pattern of layers—both physically and metaphorically—that visually recontextualize pre-existing concepts of images. Inspired by a book of architectural diagrams found in Cologne, Germany, the artist incorporates collaged layers of images of Gothic cathedral barrel vaults into these relief compositions. The structural physicality of the vaultarchitectural images is then accentuatedhighlighted through the addition of unexpected sculptural elements, such as a yellow jacket’s nest with its hexagonal cells forming an architectural masterpiece of nature, or the globular forms of map pins arranged in clusters that slowly separate and scatter throughout the surface of the panel.




Sudan, 2012, map pins, paint & paper on panel, 36 x30 in"



The End of Owls, 2012, paint, paper and yellow jackets’s nest on panel, 24 x 24"