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Ilhwa Kim (b. 1967) creates three-dimensional macrocosms composed of tens of thousands of paper "seeds," each reprisenting its own tiny microcosmic universe. Inspired by the Cheonhado, a seventeenth-century world map from the period of the Korean Chosun Dynasty, the wavy surfaces of Kim's "Seed Universe" and "Space Sample" series suggest topographic aerial views of an energy-filled universe. Each unique seed is formed through a process of hand dying thousands of hanji paper, which are then cut and rolled into layers, before being arranged in rhythmic patterns of vibrant colors. Kim's labor-intensive practice forms a personal bond between the artist and the individual seeds, imbuing each micocosmic unit with the mark of its artist-creator.





2018  "Material Portrait," The House of Fine Art, London, UK (April)


2017  "Seeds of the Universe," La Galleria Pall Mall, The House of Fine


        Art, London, UK (April 6-25)


2016  "Seed Universe ," Dennos Museum, MI, USA


2015  "(Seed Universe),"  Arte Place, Guangzhou Opera House, China


2013  Art Karlsruhe 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany


2012  Gallery K, Seoul


2009 Insa Art Center, Seoul

        Seoul Auction Gallery, Seoul


2008  “Golden Eyes”.  Coex, Seoul


2004 “Plant Sense”. Heiri Art Village, Paju

         Insa Art Center, Seoul


         THE SOCIAL gallery, Seoul


2003 Chuiong Art Gallery, Gapyung    


2002 Insa Art Center, Seoul


        KCAF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul


        Wobong Art Gallery , Taegu


2001 Myungdong Gallery, Seoul


2000 Seongkok Art Museum , Seoul


1997 Seonam Art Museum, Seoul


1996 Jongro Gallery, Seoul






2017  "Dismantle The Core," Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University,


        Detroit, MI, USA


        "Paper Revelation," Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Foundation, NYC, USA


       "A Sustaining Life," Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA


        "Re: Collection," Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA


       "The Monaco Masters Show, " Opera Gallery Monaco, Monaco  


       "Light & Shadows," Opera Gallery Beirut, Lebanon


        Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA


        Art Aspen, Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen, USA


        Masterpiece London, London, UK


        Art Central, Hong Kong, China


        Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France


        BRAFA, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium


        Context New York, NYC, USA      


        Art Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA


        Art Vienna, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria


        Art Fair Tokyo 2017, Tokyo International Forum, Japan    


        Palm Beach Modern+Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


        Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL, USA




2016  "Mastery of Craft," Opera Gallery Miami, FL, USA


        "A Sustaining Life," Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA


        Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA


        Context Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA


        "The Assembly: Cumulative Practices in Contemporary Art, " Opera Gallery Hong        


        Kong, China


        SOFA(Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design), Navy Pier, Chicago, USA


        Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada


        Art Elysees, Champ-Elysees, Paris, France


        "Shades of Blue," Opera Gallery Monaco, Monaco


        "Summer Art Loft," Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA  


        Dennos Museum Solo Show, "Seed Universe ," MI, USA


        ART16, Olympia, Lonon, UK


        "Touch of KOREA," Kalman Maklary Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary


        Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France


        "The Need For My Care," Watefall Mansion & Gallery, New York, USA


        BRAFA, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium


White Portrait 8, 2017, Hand Dyed Paper, 119 × 93 × 12 cm

Seed Portrait 12, 2017, Hand Dyed Paper, 119 × 93 × 12 cm

Seed Universe, Hand Dyed Paper 67, 163.8 × 132.1 × 15.2 cm