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Ham Sup (b.1942) has worked with hanji, traditional handmade Korean paper, as his primary medium for over 30 years. Using antique manuscripts, Ham transforms the original appearance and nature of his material through a process of dying, soaking, tearing and kneading the pieces of paper before superimposing them in layers onto the canvas. The dried surfaces subsequently undergo a variety of techniques to create the desired tactile effects - pounding, stamping, rolling and cutting - similarly echoing the process of hanji production. Through his palette of Korean traditional colors made from natural dyes, Ham’s work of contemporary abstraction reveal an East-West stylistic synthesis marked by a traditional Korean aesthetic.





(Within the past ten years)



Gallery Coop Invitation Exhibition, Gallery Coop



Gallery Coop Invitation Exhibition, Gallery Coop



Park Soo Keun Museum Special Invitation Exhibition, Ham Sup (Identity of Korea)

Galley Coop Opening Commemoration Exhibition (Korea Art Cooperative)

J cube Museum Planning Exhibition (J cube Museum)



Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

Invitation Exhibition of Wonju Hanji Theme Park

West Brook Gallery Invitation Exhibition, Carmel, California, USA

Chuncheon Museum (7th Memorial Exhibition for Dong-gok award)



Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

West Brook Gallery Invitation Exhibition, Carmel, California, USA



Galerie Bhak, Seoul



Art & Museum Invitation Exhibition (3.2 - 3.14)



Gallery Sonamou Invitation Exhibition

The Opening Invitation Exhibition Gongpyeong Artspace seoul



Galerie COVALENCO, Geldrop, Holland





(Within the past five years)


2017Pyeong Chang Biennale 2017

Plas 2017 - Contemporary Art Show, Coex, Seoul

Art in Gangwon 2017, Chuncheon Culture Hall

Chennai Chamber Biennale, India

Paper Revolution, NewYork PoKim Art Gallery, NewYork


2016The Classic Exhibition of Chuncheon, Chuncheon Culture Foundation, Chuncheon Culture Hall

SOAF 2016, JH Gallery, COEX

Art in Gangwon, Chuncheon Culture Hall

WOW Dream 50 Years (7 persons 7 colors), Misulsegye Special Invitation

Powerful Gangwon Exihibition 2016, Chuncheon MBC, Chuncheon National Museum


2015Beyond the border of Korean painting, Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism

Poetics of Hanji and contemporary Art, White Echoesi (Museum San)


2014SCOPE Miami Beach (12.2 - 12.7) Bon Gallery

Art Show Busan 2014, Bexco, Lee Seoul Gallery

The Artistic Spirits of Modern Artists on Paper, Gallery Hyundai

The 7th Annual Art Hamttons, Bon Gallery

The 13th KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) Bon Gallery, COEX Hall, Seoul


2013G - Seoul 13 International Art Fair, Gallery Mee

Powerful Gangwon Exihibition 2013

Invitation Exhibition at Won-Ju Hanji Theme Park - 15 Artist Hanji Painting Exhibition


2012Hanji Project, New York, 6. 28 - 7. 5

Art Gwang Ju Special Exihibition

The 11th KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) Mee Galerie, COEX Hall, Seoul

Korea Galleries Art Fair (Mee Gallery), COEX Hall, Seoul Korea

KCAF (Korea Contemporary Art Festival)XII, Seoul Art Center, Seoul Korea

San Francisco International Art Exposition, Galerie Bhak, Fort Mason Center, California, U.S.A





Rockefeller Foundation, USA

Boeringer Collection, Germany

Seoul Supreme Prosecutor's new office, Seoul

Foundation Juan Marche, Spain

Museum of Hong-Ik University, Seoul

Hansol paper manufacturing company, Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon, Korea

Total Art Museum, Seoul

Korea Specialty contractor Financial cooperative, Seoul

French Embassy, Seoul

Korea Information Service, Berlin, Germany

Korea Information Service, Osaka, Japan

Korea Information Service, Moscow

The museum of Korean Paper Art, Seoul

Busan Broadcasting Center, Busan

Busan Metropolitan Museum of Art, Busan

UN Office, Geneva, Switzerland

Miniature Museum of contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Netherland

Ones Home Town 1677, 2016, Mixed Media, 52 × 163 in, 132.1 × 414 cm

One's Home Town, 138, 132 x 164 cm, Korean Paper & Mixed Media, 2013

One's Home Town 1683, 81.5 x 101 cm, Korean Paper & Mixed Media, 2016

Ones Home Town, 16119 133X163cm, Korean Paper & Mixed Media, 2016